Media Literacy


While integrating media literacy and production tools, our video literacy curriculum empowers young people to utilize their first amendment rights. These multi-media video literacy classes are hands-on. Our curriculum will introduce students to alternative forms of multi-media production and cutting edge digital video technology. By bringing our technology to your classrooms; we empower your students to learn about their culture and environment. Students identify a critical problem in their community through the use of "study circles" group gatherings. The solution to the problem is then directed into short thirty second public service announcements. All completed media is aired on public broadcast television in the created counties.



Public Service Announcements



Jamaica on the Rise


South Side, Jamaica



Stop Youth Violence


Riviera Beach, FL, USA

Teens & Gangs


Riviera Beach, FL, USA

Teens & Rap Music


Boynton Beach, FL, USA



West Palm Beach, FL, USA




"This media literacy project has been a positive influence on the children of Southside, Jamaica. I’m proud of the outcome. I hope this experience will assist in their future endeavors. I endorse the work done!"

Production Manager, Kingston, Jamaica



"These media literacy classes have help me understand how I'm influenced by what I see on TV. Now I can make my own choices what to believe."

Media Literacy Student, Riviera Beach, Florida, USA



"It made me proud to see myself on film. The people in the community said the film was very insightful."

Media Literacy Student, SouthSide, Jamaica



Movie Soundtrack Creation












On Location Filming Teens & Rap Music Educational Video











On Location

On Location, Filming "N Word" Educational Video  












On Location, Filming "N Word" Educational Video











 YSO Location

On Location, Filming YSO-TV













"Stop The Gossip" Movie Shoot












 Palm Beach International Fiml Fest

Student Awards at
Palm Beach International Film Festival



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